Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trying something new…


Almost every night I make dinner. Sometimes it is taking leftovers, changing it up a bit and dinner is served. That is one thing that peeves me is throwing away good food, got to recycle those leftovers! Once the weekend comes around I’d appreciate just 1 night where I don’t have to mess the kitchen and we can go out for a fun dinner, like a date night ;).

Saturdays are usually our date nights and being that we are living in a new city currently and I always have a bug up you know what.. I want to go and see what good restaurants are in Augusta, GA. So far we have had seriously good luck. We tried a Thai restaurant called Mai Thai when we first arrived here and it was delicious. When we go back there I’ll make sure to blog about it!

Our most recent date night was very different and new to the both of us. INDIAN FOOD! I’ve always been curious about it, ever since I started reading Gina’s blog and how Indian Food Wednesday is a pretty big deal. I’m sorry that I didn’t exactly eat Indian food on a Wednesday but I still carried on the Indian food tradition! Let’s just say I was super excited for dinner!


We dined at one of top rated restaurants in Augusta, GA according to trip advisor on our droid phones. One of the best apps ever, FYI! We headed to The Taj of India (who knew Indian food was number 1 here) and I wanted to try the eggplant bhartha and roti. My boyfriend is a fan of lamb and went with it tandoori style. We also ordered garlic naan. I wanted to get an appetizer but I knew we’d be enjoying plenty of food *ahem carbs*. I was surprised that they had served us some thin crackers/flatbread and 2 dipping sauces. I had to ask our waiter what this was exactly, poppadums with a mint and mango chutney. It was a nice bite before our meals came out.


Poppadums. Such a fun name ;) I thought the plate was cute!

The service was great by the way too. Very friendly and made you feel welcomed. I believe it is family owned and they are definitely doing a great job at sharing their wonderful cuisine. Which helps a lot when you’ve never dined in an Indian restaurant before. Also when I had my camera out, our waitress insisted on taking a photo of the both of us and I was thrilled! But when I uploaded my photos they didn’t come out good because I left the macro settings on my digital camera and they were blurry! :(


Dinner is served! I went for the roti first. I <3 Carbs!


That they needed their own photo.

We enjoyed our meals a lot. I had plenty of leftovers of my eggplant and some extra roti, which was amazing. The rice that came with my dish was delicious. I loved the way it was seasoned. I could of eaten more but I didn’t want to overstuff myself. Which I am glad I did. The lamb was very tender and not gamey at all. Lamb isn’t something I eat but since my boyfriend enjoys it, I will usually try a bite from him. I think the only thing we could agree on was the food is a bit greasy/buttery. I believe it is ghee that they use as a cooking oil. I guess that is the whole point of Indian food and will definitely a be treat for us! Other then that the flavors, spice and aromas were great. Everything Indian food should be!


Eggplant Bhartha


My plate plus 2x eggplant/rice and 3x roti/naan!

I’m glad I was able to try something new and with someone I love. It was a great experience! I love our date nights!

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Jennie said...

I LOVE Indian food! Great choice!