Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are you this dedicated…

…that you’d have a separate shelf for all your nut butters and nuts? It wasn’t something I really thought about but once I started organizing my new kitchen I realized that I had way too many nut butters. I also had way to many bags of nuts (to make nut butters). So I dedicated 2 shelves for these items. Oh don’t worry, chocolate has its own shelf as well. It is above the bag of nuts. ;)


Peanut flour, white chocolate PB, creamy PB, dark chocolate AB, Barney butter packets..


More PB and AB. Coconut butter decided to join the party too!


I’m hoarding 2 bags of hazelnuts up there because they are VERY hard to find. Basically I’m saving them and I don’t know when I’ll eat them! I’m so silly ;)


This one is currently my favorite. That clearance sticker sure is tacky but they are crazy for discontinuing this cashew butter. The best store brand by far and it was the last jar. You know me I would of stocked up for my collection.


So dreamy.. I mean creamy!


So amazing?

MMM HMMM!! Come back tomorrow and I’ll share my flavor of amazing!



The Food Hunter said...

I have tons of different nuts and nut butters too...but I'm sure not as organized as you :-)

Anonymous said...

I definitely hoard nut butter!!! Every time I see one that looks good I HAVE to have it!!!