Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick German Potato Salad


Using my boyfriend’s iPad in the kitchen, great for pulling up recipes.

I say quick because I was in a super pinch one weekend to get to a BBQ within 3 hours. I also made a quick dessert too. I love potato salad but not the kind that is loaded with mayonnaise and eggs. I’m not a mayo fan at all and just the sound of eating a fat laden salad with all that goop in the hot summer heat at a BBQ, in your bikini just sounds repulsive! I’ve been to several BBQ’s and the options just aren’t always healthy. Sometimes you just go with the flow and bring something you know you will enjoy. I usually bring fresh fruit like watermelon!


The recipe for German potato salad comes from Wholefoods. Boy do I miss that grocery store! I’m glad they have a huge database of ingredients, so I can still get my Wholefoods experience. My father use to make a delicious German potato salad back in his day. He added eggs, red bell peppers, red onions and a red wine dressing. This Wholefoods recipe is a little different with the addition of bacon (YUM!), apple cider vinegar and whole grain mustard.


Everyone loves bacon!


Now if you need something to bring to a BBQ this weekend I’d recommend this recipe. It is healthy, delicious and very satisfying. It won’t go bad in the heat and it will be a crowd favorite. It literally takes an hour from prepping, cooking and putting together. German potato salad is always warm and I think this is why it is such a quick dish to put together. Make it for those BBQ’s you are invited to this weekend.


To make the German Potato Salad this weekend head on over to the Wholefoods website to get the recipe. I’d post it here but I have to be at work in an hour!




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