Monday, August 8, 2011

Fallon’s Life in Limbo

Here is a little update on what is going on at the moment.

1. We found out where Mike’s next duty station is.. Ft. Carson Colorado!!! Totally awesome place right? Hah.. Well the plans are I’m heading back to Las Vegas because once he gets to Colorado he will be in training for his next deployment :(. I’m literally sick over this but there is nothing that can be done about it. This is his job and this is just how it goes. I’m glad I’ll be home with family and friends but once again my life is just up in the air. Looking for jobs all over again and basically just hanging low for another year. Hopefully when he comes back, we can enjoy at least 1 whole year in Colorado!

2. Fallon’s Cucina will be down for a little bit…sadly. My desktop which I use for all blogging is well dead. The blue screen of death won’t go away. Mike has tried everything he could and the only option is to wipe it out and start over. Eh.. I rather just have a new computer?

3. Well since my computer is inactive, silly me has forgotten to backup any files since I’ve moved to Augusta. Yup. So who knows how many photos I have saved and never had uploaded them.

4. I have to move again but this time on my own. I want to cry.

5. My 25th birthday was nice. We celebrated in Charleston,SC. I loved my cupcakes. I had the best manicure and pedicure for my birthday too. I have pictures to share but I’m just not in “that” mood. I wish my computer wasn’t dead on me :(

It just seems like EVERYTHING in July happened. Nothing went good for me, everything went south. I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel soon.



cookies and cups said...

So scary about your computer...I have been there, it's not fun :(

Amanda said...

I hope the move goes well and you get your computer straightened out. I'm sorry about the upheaval, but that's the military life :-P Good luck and see you when you "get back"!

Robin Sue said...

Oh Fallon I am so sorry things did not go as you had hoped. Colorado is so pretty too. Chin up, you are a strong girl and you can get through this one day at a time. Don't think past one week at a time or it will be too overwhelming. Hang in there!

claire said...

I hope everything gets better for you! My computer is dead and crashed too :(

Tara said...

Awww Fallon....*hugs* I hope you get back to blogging soon!

Tessa said...

*Hugs* for the bad month! My husband and I had to live several states apart last year because of school. I won't tell you that it's easy, but it's doable. Hope that August brings better times for you both!

Pam said...

I am so sorry that you are having such a difficult month. Colorado is a beautiful state so that is a plus. Sending you hugs girl!