Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ft. Sumter Charleston, SC

During my birthday weekend in Charleston, SC we did the boat tour for Ft. Sumter. My boyfriend is an army officer and has always been a huge history buff. I knew he would really like to do this. So we did. This was probably the HOTTEST weekend in Charleston. The humidity was sky crazy high, the sun was bright and I couldn’t stop sweating the whole time. I had to carry around something to pat off my sweat. LOL. I may look miserable in these photos and hence wearing my hang out clothes because my boyfriend insisted I’m better off being covered up since I’m so white. I don’t tan and my skin would of gotten eaten alive, minus the mosquitoes. Let’s just say I couldn’t wait to get on the boat in the super cold AC and to finally shower back at our B&B. Water never tasted so good!

If you don’t know anything about Ft. Sumter my best explanation is that this is where the first shot of the Civil War began. It was really cool to be on this land and how they had salvaged what they could. All that brick is original and the building use to be much higher. I really had a kick with the American flags. I thought that was really interesting seeing how the stars evolved along with how many strips are now on the flag. Kind of brought back memories from my high school history days!


This was the docking station before heading on the boat.
Charleston, SC is a beautiful city.



My favorite photo, approaching Ft.Sumter.

We are almost there!



Inside Ft. Sumter

Sumter8 Sumter9

Only appropriate!


All the different flags. Mike loves when they wave in the air like this.


Sumter4By this time I was DONE! We still had like 30 minutes to go and we
stayed inside the museum with AC. It was so hot out there, no joke!
They need a lemonade stand on Ft. Sumter. ;)

We made it back to our B&B where we relaxed, I ate a cupcake or 2, showered and headed out to a low country southern dinner at Hominy Grill. Photos coming soon.


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Pam said...

I love it when flags are flying too. It looks like a fun and interesting time. Great photos!