Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday Supper


I made a delicious lasagna Sunday night. I finished off all the red sauce I had stored in the freezer and decided to make use of it. Once I leave Augusta, Mike won’t get homemade meals and since he isn’t one to cook, unless you call boiling eggs a cooking technique he is going to rely on pizza and sandwiches. I’ve already started to freeze some items for him and this lasagna is one of them. It will be a delicious meal he can pull out of the freezer and enjoy for dinner one night.

These are awesome!

I made a ricotta mixture with fresh spinach, eggs, shredded mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I added Italian sausage to his side of the lasagna, while mine was sausage free. I loved the no bake noodles I picked up, they were flat and so easy to assemble. Once cooked they were thin and light, just like a homemade lasagna noodle.


It was a delicious dinner that had Mike going back for seconds. I’ll miss cooking him dinner, especially our Sunday suppers.



Someone is camera shy!!

Buon Appetito,


Robin Sue said...

I am so sad you have to move away! This will be a hard time but will hopefully help you both to grow stronger as a couple.

The Food Hunter said...

Love the photos...dinner looks yummy!