Friday, December 16, 2011

Salted Nut Squares


Just a few days ago I saw the recipe for Salted Nut Squares on Bake or Break. This is a blog I’ve been following way before I started my own blog about 2 years ago. She always shares such wonderful recipes and her photos are amazing. They are so clear and crisp, it makes your mouth water. So basically, after I saw the post for salted nut squares my mouth was watering and I knew I had to make them. Let’s just say these are a must if you like the flavor of peanuts or that candy bar called Payday. Reminds me exactly of that candy bar. They keep their shape very well and if you let them set overnight they cut like a charm.

To get the recipe for Salted Nut Squares please visit Bake or Break.


I followed her recipe exactly and they turned out beautifully. I used an organic sweetened condensed milk because most brands will have HFCS. The organic has just milk and sugar. It makes these type of candies like fudge so creamy and something about the HFCS that makes it feel really heavy and artificial. Trust me you will notice the difference if you pick up the organic variety. Something else that is nice about these squares, they were so easy to make that clean up was a breeze. I love that!

Makes these and add them to your holiday dessert plates! Drizzle some chocolate on top for even more deliciousness.


It is optional but I recommend it, sprinkling extra sea salt on top. It balances out the salty from the peanuts and the sweet from the marshmallow/peanut butter chip mixture.



Anonymous said...

These look really tasty! I usually don't bake but your pictures just might persuade me :-)

Amy said...

They are so good!!!

Tessa said...

The sweet-salty combo going on here sounds amazing. Yum!

P.S. Thank you so much for the award!