Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Care Package Time Part 2

A few days ago I shared with you what I was sending my boyfriend in his care package. Couple of items plus 2 baked goods. The Oats 'N' Toffee Grahams and today I will share with you the roll out sugar cookies. His package was Valentine's Day inspired! Everyone wants to be with someone on that day and being this will be our first Valentine's Day we won't be together I wanted to send him a cute package! On Valentine's Day you can't go without having some type of sugar cookie decorated V-Day style. I'm always searching for new recipes and this time I went on to search for sugar cookies. After all that searching I went back to the best cookbook, Better Homes and Garden. This book has everything! It even gives a calorie estimate at the bottom of each recipe and I appreciate that! I did have a recipe in my new Joy of Cooking cookbook but it didn't really interest me as much surprisingly.

The cookies came together wonderfully. I let the dough rest in the fridge while I was making the Oat 'N' Toffee Grahams. I was multi- tasking. ;) Once those were done I was ready to start rolling out the dough and cutting them into cute Valentine Day shapes. I had hearts big and small, a cupid and lips! I think the lips were my favorite because they were small and just the right taste. Although I did save a big heart for myself. ;) I had used an insulated cookie sheet and a regular cookie sheet. The insulated sheet didn't brown the bottoms as much as the normal sheet did. It also left the cookies a little more softer since the bottoms didn't brown up. So I wonder if during the shipping if the insulated cookies will break more easily, since they seem very fragile? I hope he doesn't have too many broken hearts!! ;)

I would definitely use this recipe again because it was easy and didn't use any shortenings. The cookies were light and sweet. If I wasn't shipping the cookies so far away I would of frosted and decorated them, but sprinkles are better then nothing! They have the recipe on the BHG website for Sugar Cookie Cutouts.



Anonymous said...

Hi Fallon, I found you from Shari's blog at FitFeat.

I popped on over and of course you HAD TO HAVE that big ole sugar cookie sitting right there!

made me so smile (and hungry too)

Nice to "meet" you!

natural selection said...

Nice cookies Fallon!

Pam said...

You sure spoil your guy - I am sure he loves it. The cookies look great.

Robin Sue said...

Very cute cookies he will love them! Hope they get there in time!

Shelby said...

Your cookies are so pretty! I love the last photo! I'm sure you honey is going to love them!

Fallon said...

Thanks everyone!!! Let's just hope they didn't "break" from their travels ;)