Sunday, April 25, 2010

Breakfast Bruschetta

So here I am again with another post. Crazy huh? It is the 4th recipe Shelby and I are sharing with you today for the E-Recipe contest I've been telling you about everyday. If you have missed out any posts check out day 1, day 2, and day 3 to catch up!
I'm in love with the recipe I'm sharing with you today. It definitely was a good change of breakfast for me. Usually I'm an oatmeal kind of girl but sometimes that can get boring! I think Shelby can agree! ;) Here is a savory recipe that can make a good brunch appetizer or easily into a breakfast meal. I made mine for dinner with my mom. This has her stamp of approval and let me say.. she is kind of a fussy eater! I had her eating bacon for heaven sakes. ;) I preheated my toaster oven so it be ready to melt the cheese at the end. So while it was preheating I toasted up my english muffins. Toasty bread that soaks up bacon grease and veggie goodness= delicious! 

 I kind of just winged the measurements since I was only cooking for 2. Plus with vegetables you can't go wrong with adding too much! The more the better for you ;) Lisa submitted this recipe but doesn't have a blog! I think she should start one. Thanks for sharing this recipe.  

Breakfast Bruschetta By Lisa  
3 Whole English muffins, split
2 cups Fresh Spinach, cleaned
1 Small tomato, diced
1/3 cup Fresh sweet red pepper, diced
4 Green onions, chopped
1 Clove of garlic, minced
2-3 Slices of bacon, crispy fried
3 eggs, scrambled
1 tbsp EVOO, (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
1 cup Shredded mozzarella cheese or any white cheese
Salt and freshly ground pepper
Tad of Hot Hungarian Paprika, Basil or Tarragon

1. Break up the Crispy Bacon into 1/2" pieces
2. In a skillet heat the oil. Add spinach, bacon, garlic, sweet pepper, tomato, onions, Paprika and Tarragon or Basil and saute until spinach is wilted. Remove spinach mixture and set aside.
3. In the same skillet, scramble the eggs until just fluffy. Set aside.

To assemble the Breakfast Bruschetta: 
1. Line a baking sheet with parchment and place the split muffins on the sheet.
2. Put 2-3 TBL of Spinach mix on each English Muffin
3. Place 2 TBL of Scrambled Eggs on top of Spinach.
4. Sprinkle with shredded Mozzarella 5. Pop the baking sheet under the Broiler until the cheese is melted, about 1-2 minutes. 

Check out Shelby from The Life and Loves of Grump's Honeybunch to check out her post and photos. Stay tune for the 5th recipe!


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