Monday, April 26, 2010

Today is a special day

Welcome to day 5 of the E-Recipe contest! To keep this simple just head on over to Shelby's blog to check out the post for Raspberry Stuffed French Toast. Reader Heather submitted this recipe she found from the Kraft Canada website. Definitely a more decadent take on french toast with the custard sauce on top. Sadly this is the last of our sweet recipes, and only have a few savory recipes to share. So stay tune in the coming days.

Today marks a very special day for my mother and I. April 26th 2008 was the day I lost a very dear friend, hell I called her my second mother! She was my mom's sister and the best aunt any niece could ask for. Sandy I know you are still with us even though you are far away doing much better things now and living a more normal life. I just want you to know a day doesn't go by without ever thinking about you. Never thought I could miss someone so much. Life has been different, changes have been changed and I wish you were here to see it all and to enjoy it all. Today I'm spending the day with my mother and celebrating life! My aunt was "live your life to the fullest" type of person. Something I've been working on for a while. Today is your day! Love you. Miss you. RIP

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Katrina said...

That's a great video, did you put it together? Sorry for your loss.