Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Don’t Know How I Keep So Busy…

I don’t know how I can keep myself so busy. I work part-time, I work out full-time (usually mornings), I cook dinner most nights unless it is leftovers, I read/comment my daily blog reading, I hang out with my boyfriend, I text my friends, call my mom etc.. That doesn’t even sound like much, but I’m so BUSY! Today is my day off, I ended up doing 2 classes at the gym, 1 at 6am and another at 9am. Then I went to Earthfare for my $2 watermelon and a very slow stop at Sam’s Club to pick up goat cheese, spinach, mini bell peppers, asparagus, fish oil pills, pure vanilla extract and a light lunch at the Vita-Mix demonstration going on this week. I literally ate a free lunch which consisted of a fruit/veggie green smoothie, tortilla soup and a chocolate ice cream with avocado. Totally delicious and very healthy. I think I was there for 30 minutes? Luckily he stopped after the ice cream for a break and thank goodness because I was full!


My birthday is a month from today and I’ll be turning 25. Oh lordie! My mom talked to me a few months ago about getting me a Vita-Mix and I couldn’t wait to tell her the deal Sam’s Club was giving. So right now she is in discussion with my father on getting me a Vita-Mix and I’m pretty sure that is my birthday present. Fingers crossed!

Oh and speaking of my mom, she is coming to town next Wednesday! I have her 5 days to myself and I can’t wait to hang out like we use to. I have a food tour planned in Athens, GA, shopping, coffee dates, healthy home cooking and happy hour!

As I type this I literally have several recipes to share. My camera is full of photos that need to be uploaded and shared with ya’ll. I just need to make time. Right after I post this I’m going to do a quick cleaning and get laundry going. I’m so glad I get to enjoy my 4th of July weekend, well I do have to work 5 hours on Saturday but it is an opening shift. No biggie!

So little ole me is very busy but not a moment goes by thinking about my blog. I love it so much and I want to do so much with it. I just need time. Why not like a 29/7 day? Is that possible? LOL

I love ya’ll and I promise a new recipe will be up soon.. but in the mean time my vacuum is calling.


Busy Fallon!

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Robin Sue said...

Yup fingers crossed! We love our vita-mix and it is so cool that it even makes and heats soup. Have a grea time with your mom!