Saturday, July 9, 2011

Drunk Watermelon + Hummus


I could not believe how fast 4th of July weekend went. I don’t even think I had a second to breathe? It was also the weekend I got my Vitamix from my parents! It is definitely an early birthday gift (my birthday isn’t until July 30th) but a well deserved gift in-deed. I’ve been using it at least twice a day. I’ve made juices, smoothies and hummus so far. I’m still trying to get the right consistency with liquid to ice. I seem to like to add A LOT of ice. hehe!

My boyfriend and I had a great 4th of July. We’ve been meeting a lot of new people and I’ve finally found a female who has the same interests as me. She is also an army girlfriend and we’ve just clicked really well. Her and her boyfriend put together a small cook-out at their home and had an awesome food spread, cute decorations and big fireworks to end the night! Oh and a little Rock Band to even it all out. That game is a load of fun when you play with a bunch of people!


If you know me.. I don’t like coming empty handed! I feel if you are invited somewhere you have to bring something, anything! Carrie (my Augusta girl) and I discussed what food she should serve and what I should bring. I mentioned a watermelon filled with vodka probably be a hit with everyone. I remember having this a few years ago and loved it. Boy have my taste buds changed because I couldn’t eat it. It was a VERY drunk watermelon ;). I think at the end of the night only 4 pieces remained and it was a huge melon. Everyone was feeling good afterwards.


I also made Cilantro Lime White Bean Hummus from How Sweet It Is. I actually planned to make another dip but changed last minute when I was going through my recipe archives. I went with a healthier option knowing I could eat something healthy at the cook-out. I brought carrots, cucumber slices and pita chips to eat with the hummus. It was so creamy from the Vitamix and had a nice zest from the lime. I’m glad I went with the healthier alternative at the end of the day! To see the recipe for Cilantro Lime White Bean Hummus go visit How Sweet It Is. Her blog is amazing!





Drunk Watermelon
By Fallon

1 huge seedless watermelon, washed exterior
1-2 cups of vodka

Rinse the watermelon off in the sink and dry off with a towel. Take the cap from the vodka bottle and place it on a good, smooth surface of the watermelon. Mark the area with a knife and cut around the circle. Save the watermelon hole as a plug.

Take a small spoon and start cleaning out the inside. You want to make a small hole so the vodka has somewhere to go. Cleaning out the middle a little bit will help. Now pour vodka into the hole until it reaches the top. Top with the watermelon plug and let it sit. After an hour or 2 the liquid should of gone down. Once again add more vodka. Keep doing this once the liquid stops getting absorbed. We only used half a bottle of vodka, when many recipes say it will take a whole bottle. If you use a whole bottle let me know what you did differently!


This process should be done in advance at least 1-2 days. The longer it sits the better. Right before leaving I sliced it into triangles and placed into a bowl. Viola!




Tessa said...

I love hummus! Jealous of your vitamix. I would love to have a better blender!

Lisa~~ said...

Both of these recipes look wonderful, you are more than welcome to come and eat at my house anytime if you're bringing such delicious goodies!

Cook Lisa Cook

Fallon said...

Lisa: Not a problem!!!

Tessa: Honestly if this wasn't my birthday present and I saw this the day I was shopping at Sam's Club... I would of broken down and gotten it regardless how many paychecks it might set me back because it is worth ALL the money. I use it 2-3 times a day, cleaning is a breeze and everything comes out tasting so good. I feel 10x fuller drinking smoothies and juices from my Vita then I would any blender. Plus.. I've been through so many blenders, that have broken.. all that money could of just been put down on one really good machine!

Robin Sue said...

Yay you got the vitamix! We love ours too. Wow the melon sounds powerful! I may be able to handle one piece but would end up falling asleep, I am the worst drinker! Glad you found a friend Fallon, that is a big deal to find someone that has the same things in common as you. I hope you can get together more often!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

I could use some drunken watermelon right now! Perfect summer time treat! The dip sounds and looks amazing! I bet the party was a blast!