Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hominy Grill + More

Continuing on with my birthday adventures in Charleston, SC it is now time to move onto the food. Don’t forget to check out my post about Ft. Sumter as well.

We stayed at the historical Ashley Inn Bed and Breakfast while in Charleston. My first time ever staying at one and it was definitely something to get use too. Lets say it was an experience. This place was from 1832… I was a bit weird out by the older fixtures like in the bathroom and the wooden floors. Oh and what was really icky was the fact that the AC kept dripping water. Not cool! But other then that, the place was clean, the bed was comfortable, and the breakfast out on the deck was awesome! They also do happy hour from 4-6 with complimentary wine and appetizers. That was the best part!

Hey it is 5 o’ clock!



Our cute little bed! Until the AC started dripping water..

Since we only had 1 full day in Charleston, we only ate out once for a really nice dinner which was my birthday dinner at Hominy Grill. Other then that we stopped at a bar and grill downtown and when we went out we would grab some beers and apps to enjoy. As for snacks and desserts.. my cupcakes were the star!


I kept going back and forth on where to have my birthday dinner. Being a huge foodie, I wanted something local and original. Charleston has a lot of fine dining restaurants and a lot of seafood. I don’t eat seafood and I wasn’t in the mood for a super fancy meal. I wanted something fun and umm low country? I’ve never had a TRUE southern meal and Hominy Grill took an original twist on southern meals. They were also featured on a show called Man vs. Food. Who else watches this show? Love it!!!

Waiting to get our table!

There was so much to offer I didn’t know where to start! I wanted to try a little bit of everything. They started us with some boiled peanuts. Have you ever had these? They remind me of mashed potatoes. LOL


We ordered 2 appetizers, She-Crab Soup and Homemade Red Pepper Jelly with Goat Cheese and Crackers. I didn’t dare touch the soup but I was all on the cheese and crackers. Their jelly was amazing, wish they sold it!

Apparently they call She-Crab Soup because of the roe added to it.


As for our meals I randomly went with their Pecan Crusted Porterhouse Pork Chop with Spiced Peach Sauce. It just sounded real good and it was. Mike ordered their fish of the day, red snapper. As for sides, I couldn’t believe how many they had to choose from. Probably about 10-12 choices. At this point I knew I wanted to have their eggplant side (it was baked with tomatoes and bacon) but I was curious if I could just get a slice of corn bread as my other side. They told me it would be extra. I already had enough food and knew I wouldn’t be able to eat the whole thing, so I just got white rice. Mike ordered the eggplant side and mashed sweet potatoes.




Overall our meals were good but not great. They wouldn’t do anything extra, like with the corn bread. Also Mike asked our waitress without me knowing if they do anything for birthdays. She said they don’t do anything special but if we order dessert they can put a candle on it. Mike came back to the table to tell me what he tried doing because he just got up out of know where! I told him I would NEVER be able to eat dessert after appetizers and our meal. So we declined but we heard their buttermilk pie is spot on. Oh well!

In the end I’m glad I went to a place different then I’m use to but it isn’t a place I’d go back to if I visit Charleston again. It was good but not great. Maybe I’m just a picky person?

Oh and I think I mentioned cupcakes in this post. Yeah they are coming up next!

(I used my digital camera. Still scared to take the DSLR out in public.)

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