Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cookie Butter…

Thanks mom for bringing this home. Yes that is a sarcastic statement! The only reason why I wouldn’t buy it is because there is gluten in it and some other not so nice ingredients.. but my mom brought it home today and we all tried it. Let’s just say it is worth a minor belly ache!

Little crisp pieces of buttery, cinnamon cookies throughout this spread. It is so good. Can’t wait to try it on my oat bran in the morning, then waffles, pancakes, ice cream, spoonful and possible fingers of this buttery deliciousness.

If you haven’t picked this up at Trader Joe’s yet.. do it. It makes a nice gift for this time of the year too.

CookieButter2 CookieButter1



Katrina said...

Ooh! Kind of like that other one I'm seeing everywhere, Biscoff Spread. I can't find it anywhere here. sigh (Probably for my better anyway.) ;)

Tessa said...

Definitely looks worth the belly ache. Looks dangerous!

Julia from Dozen Flours said...

I saw it there yesterday and considered buying it but had a feeling I'd eat the entire jar all by myself. That said, I left it on the shelf. :)