Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Fallon


*ARGH and this is why I can't stand posting in blogger. My perfect paragraphs turn into one complete hugh paragraph! I'm sorry*

It is kind of difficult when your wifi network can't be found! Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. Saturday morning I tried to get online with my laptop and my network wasn't available. I couldn't really spend too much time on it and so today I tried to get it working again. No such luck. I did the unplugging, the reconfiguring, unplugging some more, telephone calls etc. Almost 10:00pm and no luck. Blogging will be a bit difficult since I go back to work tomorrow and won't really get any more free time till next weekend. We have a friend coming out tomorrow to hopefully fix the problem. Luckily the router and cable modem are fine. Now if only I knew where my network was hiding!!

I had plans to share a delicious quinoa breakfast cereal my mom makes, but we never got to it. My favorite way to enjoy this cereal is with a fried egg on top. Sounds weird but just wait till you see how good it is!

I have a cookie party coming up next weekend and I'm going to make a gluten free cookie. Gingerbread just sounds delicious, so I'm trying to make out a recipe for that bad boy. Hopefully it turns out good! If you have some favorite gingerbread or spice cookie recipes post them in the comments. I'd really like to stick to the cookie being gluten free but I'm sure some substitutions won't be a problem.

Then my mom has her annual Christmas bunko next Monday. I usually will do all the cooking for it but with my new job that just won't happen. I'm planning on setting up a cheese plate and making homemade peppermint bark. I told my mom a really good chicken chili and gluten free cornbread will be just right for the occasion. And lots and lots of wine!

How am I holding up post break-up? I'm a strong chick. We all have emotions but I don't let them own me. I've realized that some things will never make sense. Like falling out of love with someone when you don't have a good enough reason. That kills me. What doesn't kill me is waking up to make sure I get a good sweat on at the gym before work. What doesn't kill me is having support from my family and my friends. What does kill me is I give my all to love and in return I get jack shit.

Pray that we can find my lost network and I can get to blogging again about food. I could just post random thoughts but that can get boring with no pictures and possibly a bit angry! ;) Love ya,



Robin Sue said...

Hang in there Fallon. I know it is hard to fall out of love with someone- I have done it too. Now it is time to fall in love with yourself again. Find your network, find you again, and keep on going girl! You can do this!
Robin Sue

Fallon said...

Robin thank you so much! You've been so great and positive. I really appreciate it.