Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is running really worth it? Is it doing anything good for my body?

I’ve never been into running. It has always been really hard for me especially when I was overweight. Eventually I lost 35 pounds by counting calories and working out with a personal trainer. I gained so much insight from that experience. Food became very important to me. I wanted to make sure I was feeding my body properly and keeping healthy. Counting calories just wasn’t cutting it. Yes it is an effective method to lose weight but for long term it is just not reasonable! I wanted to be “normal” and be able to eat what I wanted when I wanted. I learned it was all about portion control. I learned fueling my body for workouts was just as important.
It started in 2009 where I would run a mile here and there. Took me around 15 minutes on a treadmill and mind you I’d stop and walk at least once. I decided in 2010 I would run my first 5k. It came sooner then expected and in February my mom joined me. I never thought my mom would be interested in running but she loved it! This was our first 5k and first time ever running in the rain. It was brutal but felt so amazing at the end. At this time trying to maintain my weight was hard and I realized at this time if I wanted to continue running it wouldn’t be for losing weight, but to make sure I’m fueled properly. I would never be hungry right after a race and then few days later I had the never ending food pipe!
We decided we always wanted to run the 5k for breast cancer and in May we ran the race for Susan G. Komen. Again another amazing feeling and accomplishment. Although I was glad it came to an end. I was at the point of running being my enemy then a friend. I know a 5k isn’t a big deal  but for a new runner like me I wanted to make sure I had training runs in order to prepare myself for the race. I hated running!! I was thinking to myself, “Why am I forcing myself to run?" This should be because I want to, not because I have to.” I took a break for a few months. Right after the summer I started getting that antsy feeling. I found another 5k for the month of September. I told myself I won’t stress over numbers or push myself to hate running. In the end I ran a great race, my time was slower but at least I felt good about during the run. I realized after this race I’m not cut for running. I enjoy doing it once in a while for cardio but to make it a hobby just isn’t my thing.
Is running worth it to me?
My left knee doesn’t feel right when I push myself to run and my feet hurt too. I’ve gone through several pairs of running shoes to find ones that work for me, it is not easy finding a good pair! I know I don’t want any knee problems and running has trigger something in my left knee. I don’t think any injury is worth it from just running. I realize running is just "really” hard on the body and there are better forms of cardio out there.
Is running doing anything good for my body?
My heart rate is always at its maximum and I sweat up a good storm. That always a good thing! I’m able to keep a comfortable, steady pace around 10:30 per mile. I don’t like that my knee bothers me and causes discomfort. I also don’t like that it is not effective in losing body weight/maintaining for me. I find I’m craving more carbohydrates and less protein. I always want something sweet after every meal and running makes it even worse for me to control sweet cravings.
What’s next?
Well recently a friend of mine asked me to come do a Krav Fit class with her daughter. Her daughter is having a hard time finding an after school activity and they refuse to have her just stay at home after school. Her younger sister does a Krav Maga class called Krav Kids and LOVES it. So I gave it a shot and it kicked my ass! The best 1 hour workout I had in a while. The instructor is hardcore and doesn’t make anything easy. The class is a mixture of everything from sprints, kettle bells, squats, lunges, bear crawls, punching/kicking, more sprints, resistance tubes, etc. I was probably complaining the whole time but I actually loved it. No one works out hard enough unless there is someone pushing you to do it and not give up. That is exactly what I need right now. I signed up for 3 months to test out the waters. I went to my first level 1 class the other day and really liked it. I’ve always wanted to learn self defense but I guess you could say I was scared? Well  not anymore! I’ve already met a lot of new people who are really nice and willing to help me get the basics down. That is always a plus. Krav Maga is the official self defense and fighting system used by Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli Police and Security, and numerous U.S. law enforcement agencies.
This is a different post as you can tell. Usually I’m all about the food but fitness is something that is very important to me. I hope you enjoyed this reading and will enjoy future fitness posts!


Anonymous said...

Running isn't the best for me. While I love doing 1-2 runs a week, that's about it. I don't like training for races--I just like to get out there and run when I feel like not. no mile limit, no mile mark I must hit...just run!

Fallon said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one that feels that way!