Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May is Over Already?

Really did May go by this quickly? I can’t believe I’ve already lived a full month in a new city. Sadly it makes the time here end sooner. I’m sure September will be gone before we know it! May was a busy month for me. Still trying to get settled in, get my kitchen reorganized and rid of all cat allergies for my boyfriend. Towards the end everything was accomplished and I was able to get in the kitchen and cook up delicious meals and desserts. My boyfriend treated me to weekly dinners and we were able to explore some new and tasty restaurants.

We tried Indian food for the first time!


Had quite the Mexican feast for dinner a few nights!

Cilantro Lime Rice


Baked Chicken Taquitos


Lime Chicken Tacos


Mexican Cannoli


I made my boyfriend this EPIC sandwich for lunch one day.

Showed my love for nuts and their butters. While also making my first attempt at amazeballs.


Learned a lesson from my Mom.

Declared on my blog I want to make my own energy bars and discontinue my use of purchasing store bought processed bars.

Telluride Trail Bars


I made my first homemade red sauce in our new place.

Which also went well with the baked pasta dishes I made and the super moist turkey meatballs.


Baked BBQ beef ribs in our oven and they turned out incredible!


Made Chocolate Chip Cookies with many goof ups that still made an excellent cookie.


Hope you enjoyed reading Fallon’s Cucina during the month of May! June will only get better.

Love always,


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cookies and cups said...

Those trail bars look so great!! And I can't believe that May is over already as well!